• Microcement & Polished Concrete

    MICROCEMENT MUNNCRETE - Highly Resistant and Decorative Seamless Coatings. MUNNCRETE manufacture cements and polymeric resins. We specialise in high quality decoration & construction products.
  • MUNNCRETE Microcement Features

    - It is extremely Resistant, Seamless and Flexible. It does not Fissure or Crack and it is 100% Waterproof. It is suitable for residential, industrial and hospital areas, particularly high traffic floors, walls, ceilings, facades, swimming pools, garages etc.
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MUNNCRETE - Microcement & Polished Concrete

Munncrete is a new revolutionary multifunctional cement-porcelain coating. It provides a unique and decorative 'seamless and impervious coating system'. It quickly covers unsightly joints and fissures and offers a stylish and practical solution by transforming large surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, counters, showers, wet rooms and swimming pools. Combining contemporary style with a hint of the modish industrial, Munncrete is available in an array of attractive colour choices. It can also be tinted to match specific shades and perfectly complement any colour scheme – ideal for business workplaces, homes, offices and retail outlets.

MICROCEMENT MUNNCRETE - Highly Resistant and Decorative Seamless Coatings..

Munncrete Microcement Porcelanico Features:

  • Requires fibre mesh - Primer bonding not required. 
  • It’s extremely resistant, total thickness is 2-3 mm.
  • Seamless.
  • It’s a flexible product and does not fissure or crack.
  • 100% waterproof on both sides (subject to PSI).
  • Can be installed on any surface.
  • Does not generate rubble, so is ideal for renovation work.
  • The workability is superb, short installation time.
  • Suitable for residential, industrial and hospital areas (particularly high traffic floors, walls, ceilings, terraces, facades, swimming pools, garages, housing and hospitality areas).
  • Short delivery time (worldwide delivery).
  • We manufacture Ral and NCS colour chart, as well as our own wide colour range.


Munncrete Construction Process