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Application Instructions



Substrate Preparation Prior to applying “Munncrete”

  • Sub-floors: Our quotations are normally based on us fitting to pre-prepared surfaces.  This means - Either a latex screed (which has to be totally flat), or rigid (min 18mm) marine ply where all joints are feather screeded and screws countersunk.

  • If a concrete sub-base with under-floor heating, the slab will need to be dry and ideally the underfloor should have been functioning for some 28 days so that any shrinkage in the sub-base happens prior to us laying our top coat.

  • Please note Munncrete is only approx. 3mm thick so any imperfection in the sub-base will show through which is why we need a totally flat surface to lay to.

  • We normally allow for laying a fibreglass mesh first over the floor which will help prevent any minor cracks in the sub-base affecting the top surface.  Any major fissures in the sub-base will however have an impact – hence the reason why the UFH should be commissioned and running before we come in.

  • It is easier/better if the skirtings are left off.

  • Please note this is a 6/7 coat process, – no one should walk in the area receiving Munncrete once the application starts.  It then takes a good 7-10 days to fully cure (light traffic possible after some 72 hrs).

  • All subject to survey.